Frequently asked questions






  • What exactly is bytemine cryptorage?

    Cryptorage is a portal based solution targeted at people and companies who want to exchange data in a secure and easy fashion.

  • How does bytemine cryptorage work?

    Your browser communicates with the portal over an ssl-encrypted connection (https). Once you upload a file it is being encrypted with the key you entered before it is written to the disk of the server. As such the data is never stored unencrypted. With the key you entered, the recipient can retrieve the file and while it is sent to the browser it is being decrypted.

  • Does the recipient of the data need to be registered within the portal?

    No, while it is more convenient, the recipient does not have to be registered in the portal.



  • What software is needed for cryptorage?

    In order to use cryptorage you only need a connection to the Internet and a browser. There is no need to install additional software, you can use cryptorage immediately and everywhere.

  • Which browsers are compatible with cryptorage?

    cryptorage is being regularly tested and used by us with the following browsers on the mentioned platforms:

    • Mozilla Firefox (Windows, Linux und OS X)
    • Chrome (Windows, Linux und OS X)
    • Iridium (Windows, Linux und OS X)
    • Safari (OS X)
    • Internet Explorer (Windows)
* Hint: Depending on security settings within Internet Explorer the site portal.cryptorage.com might have to be added to Trusted Sites.



  • How is the key communicated to the recipient?

    There are currently three ways to do this:

    1. Via the cellphone network as a text message.
    2. Via e-mail. For this a second e-mail address different from the one where the available file notification is sent to should be entered.
    3. You directly communicate the key to the recipient yourself.

  • Text messages in cellphone networks can be sniffed. Is this secure?

    If your cellphone as well as your e-mail is being sniffed, you have much more problems with your communication.

  • Why should I enter two different e-mail addresses?

    If the key is not being transmitted via a text message into the cell network the alternative is to send it to the second mail address. In order to make sure, that someone who is reading your e-mail does not get the key directly, you should use a second address. Preferable on a different mail server.

  • I forgot the key to a very important document. How can you help?

    Not at all. This is tough luck. We're not able to access the documents ourselves.

  • But you can detect a false key. How do you know if you do not store the key?

    From the entered key a checksum is created, and with that we can detect if the entered key for download is correct. But this is only done to state proper error messages, it has nothing to do with the encryption itself.

  • You say, you can not access the documents. But I don't trust you.

    No problem. We also offer cryptorage as a boxed product, so that you can install it and run it on your server. There will also be an appliance with cryptorage that we will sell soon.



  • How much does bytemine cryptorage cost?

    The monthly fee depends on your needs and your choice: cryptorage comes along with different plans to suit your needs.